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Terry Gaskins

Monday/Red Beans

TG 001 13m, 5"x10"

Zydeco Style

TG 002 13m, 7"x10"

Pie Guy

TG 003 13m, 7"x10"


TG 004 13m, 6"x9"

Fish Fry

TG 005 13m, 7"x9"

Gumbo Man

TG 006 13m, 8.5"x8.5"

Eat Up

TG 007 10m, 11.5"x5"

Awww Shucks

TG 008 13m, 8"x14.5"

Triptych - Faith, Hope, & Love

TG 009 13m, 17.5"x9"

Hail Rex

TG 010 13m, 9"x11"

Hound Dog Blues

TG 011 13m, 8"x13.5"

Jazz Trumpet

TG 012 13m, 5"x8"


TG 013 13m, 6.5"x9"


TG 014 13m, 6.5"x9"


TG 015 13m, 6.5"x9"

Lucky Dogs

TG 016 13m, 11"x9"

Cafe du Monde

TG 017 13m, 8.5"x8"

Let's Dance

TG 018 13m, 8"x8"

Be Kind

TG 019 13m, 8"x8"

Spread Love

TG 020 13m, 8"x8"

These designs are offered wholesale to retail needlepoint shops only. All designs are the property of The Quarter Stitch, LLC.

To place an order, please call 504-522-4451 or email us at

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