New Orleans spirit and culture is stronger than any hurricane! But sometimes we need a little help, and our city is rich with mutual aid societies.

We designed this special canvas with mutual aid in mind. We are so blessed to have come through Hurricane Ida mostly ok, and we would like to help our community. We have chosen the Krewe of Red Beans Feed the Second Line project as an effective, responsive, and creative group of folks. Feed the Second Line is a 501(c)3 registered charity. For more information or to donate directly, click here.

We will be donating $20 to Feed the Second Line for each of these canvases sold!

The pictured canvases are all painted on 13m, and measure approximately 6"x8". We have 18m and 10m available as well, at about 4.5"x6" and 7.5"x10.5".

We are painting these canvases to order, so there may be a little delay (7-10 business days) before your order is shipped. If you have a special color request, we're happy to oblige!

Thank you for helping New Orleans rebuild!!


To simplify the process, via the website we are selling these canvases stand alone, without fibers. If you would like a kitted version, just give us a call at 504-522-4451

NOLA is Stronger than a Hurricane